Biologist Rick McIntyre uses anthropomorphism to tell the story of his subjects.

By Ted Kerasote | High Country News

The Redemption of Wolf 302: From Renegade to Yellowstone Alpha Male
Rick McIntyre
288 pages, hardcover: $27.95 Greystone Books, 2021.

In 1856 John Ruskin, an English art critic and polymath, called the attribution of human feelings to nature “the pathetic fallacy,” a practice that became known as “anthropomorphism” when specifically applied to animals. It was hardly new: Ancient anthropomorphic art has been found…

At Western Washington University’s Lakewood, students are able to rent equipment and get out on the water at Lake Whatcom. But large accessibility issues are present at the facility, and some students with disabilities aren’t able to use the facility. Some are hopeful for change, but there is still lots of work to be done.

By Troy Schulz and Hugh Fogarty

Troy Schulz is a visuals reporter at The Planet, and a journalism major at WWU. He was previously layout editor at The Sounds, and a freelance reporter.

Hugh Fogarty is a visuals reporter at The Planet and student at WWU.

Washington state researchers are using social media data to understand how people are using the land- and how that land can be protected most effectively.

By Liz McLane | Photos by Olivia Hicks

A scenic view of Baker Lake in Whatcom County, Washington. For some, taking pictures of beautiful places validates their experience and proves they witnessed something.

The #pnw page on Instagram features 27 million posts.

One post shows the rapids of Washington State’s official waterfall — Palouse Falls — tumbling downward. In the background is the night sky, bursting with the lavender majesty of the Milky Way Galaxy…

Robots are invading the Puget Sound! But don’t worry — they’re here to help! They’re picking up trash and cleaning up the Washington waterways.

Adin Romano is a junior at Western Washington University pursuing environmental studies and geographical information science. He is passionate about maps, urban design, and the great outdoors.

To understand more about the health of Puget Sound’s Southern Resident Orcas, scientists study their scat. But finding that scat isn’t easy- and that’s where Eba comes in!

Janie Egan is a third year environmental studies student from Denver, Colorado. She is driven by her passions for sustainable design, environmental education, and connecting with others in the outdoors.

Casey Rothlisberger is a senior at Western Washington University majoring in environmental studies with an emphasis on GIS.

Learn about how an initiative to plant more than one million trees in Whatcom County worked and the impact those trees will have on combatting climate change.

Lily Smith is a junior at Western Washington University majoring in environmental studies.

Allison Carroll is a senior at Western Washington University majoring in environmental studies.

Learn about the shorebirds and birds of prey on Protection Island and the concerns scientists have about how the two might impact each other.

Dena Muething is a senior at Huxley College majoring in environmental studies with an emphasis in education and eco-social justice who hopes to increase awareness of environmental issues.

Meghan Fenwick is a sophomore at Western Washington University majoring in Environmental Journalism.

Planet reporters talk to Brian Flowers, a funeral director encouraging people to think about what impact they want their body to leave after they’ve passed away.

Kylie Maioriello, pursuing a major in environmental studies, has always loved the environment. She takes every opportunity to be outdoors, helping to preserve and restore nature in her community and the surrounding area.

Brianna Pruitt is a junior environmental studies major at Western Washington University who is passionate about amplifying underrepresented perspectives on environmental issues and environmental justice.

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